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Chris and Jessie | Wedding | Moon Palace, Jamaica

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Chris, Jessie, and I have been friends for a handful of years and I can tell you right now that they have done way more cooler shit than me. I have done a few of those things with them, but not many. I climb way smaller mountains.

When Chris hit me up and said, "Hey want to shoot our wedding in Jamaica?"

I said, "That sounds pretty cool. I'm in."

So we partied for a few days. Honestly, us dudes spent 95% of the time on the wave pool.

They had fire dancers at the rehearsal...

Grandma was pretty stoked.

The ceremony was right on par for what I expected a tropical sunset wedding would be. Super perfect.

And the golden hour...

And the reception...

Sometimes my job is just too easy.

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