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Emry and Nate | Wedding | Tannenbaum Event Center | Reno, NV

I met Nate when he contacted me to photographer his and Emry's surprise proposal. He and Emry had a spot on the South Yuba River where they would hang out and talk about life while lying in their hammock. It was where they fell in love.

Long story short: I lost a pair of flip flops.

Emry said yes.

A few months later, Emry contacted me to shoot their wedding at the Tannenbaum Event Center on Mount Rose in Reno, NV.

I said yes.

It was a beautifully sunny day in January. Around Tahoe, we call it "Junuary." It's actually a great time to have a Tahoe Wedding. The weather is typically great, as the high pressure keeps the moisture away from the basin.

I typically see a lot of nerves on a wedding day.

Emry and Nate were steadfast. Both seemed calm and relaxed. They knew what they were doing. They knew what they wanted. They were so ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

The ceremony flowed beautifully with smiles, tears, faith, and determination.

Afterwards, we caught the tail end of the sunset for some alone time and portraits.

The reception was filled with beautiful words from family and friends, praising the solid foundation of Emry and Nate's love.

The night ended with a first dance in the privacy in each other's arms.

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